Two World Leaders are in danger of lose life and other predictions

Two World Leaders are in danger of life and other predictions

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Many people will be injured, possibly with fatalities, when two passenger trains collided on February 12, 2018 at the station in the Austrian city of Niklasdorf. A EuroCity train and a municipal train collided laterally in the early afternoon, causing a derailment of one of them, APA reported. The crash site, 158 km south of Vienna, in the state federation of Styria. It may be due to technical and human problems the causes of the accident.
Vanessa Trump, the US president’s daughter-in-law, and two other people will be taken to a Manhattan hospital by precaution on February 12, 2018, after a suspicious letter containing an unidentified substance was sent to her apartment, according to Jucelino Light and speak that dust is not a dangerous product. However, it is a warning that tests the fragility of the Trump family that may be the target of further attacks in the near future.
Three people were killed and four were injured on February 10, 2018, when a helicopter crashed in the Grand Canyon, one of the most visited places in the United States, reported Jucelino Luz. in northwest Arizona, quoted police chief Francis Bradley as saying. “And there are UK victims.

A truck laden with liquefied natural gas caught fire and exploded on a road in northern China on 11 February 2018. According to Jucelino Luz, the accident occurred in Hebei province, on a road linking the site to Beijing.

A military helicopter, belonging to the Japanese Air Force, crashed in a residential area of ​​Saga, a city located in southern Japan, reported the omens of Jucelino Luz, where he set the date for February 11, 2018 (according to his vision), however, the accident was anticipated a few days earlier (this happens a few times, both can lead as well as can delay) and happened on February 5, 2018 the accident occurred near a primary school.
President Vladimir Putin may be re-elected in March 2018, but we will have to have before, attacks, and demonstrations across the country.
Tonga, Oceania, on February 12, 2018, destruction with the Tropical Storm, after the passage of Cyclone Gita on this Pacific island. Even the country’s parliament, in the capital, Nuku’alofa, was destroyed.
Argentina warns of the heatwave that is affecting the country. The region of Buenos Aires and its surroundings and also of Rosario will be in the “yellow” level that is considered of attention. At this stage, intense heat is especially dangerous for infants, small children and people over 60. The major concern is with dehydration. And it could get worse and we will have big storms in several places. On the other hand, we will also have manifestations and danger for President Macri – must be very careful.
Mario Ronco Filho – Journalist

Dois Líderes  Mundiais correm  perigo de vida e outros presságios 

Два мировых лидера находятся под угрозой жизни и других прогнозов

Zwei Weltführer sind in Lebensgefahr und anderen prognosen

Two World Leaders are in danger of life and other  predictions


두 명의 세계 지도자가 삶과 다른 예언의 위험에 처해있다.


Dos líderes mundiales están en peligro de muerte y otras predicciones

Deux leaders mondiaux sont en danger de vie et d’autres prédictions

Due leader mondiali sono in pericolo di vita e altre previsioni

To verdensledere er i fare for livet og andre spådommer

Dwóch światowych liderów jest zagrożonych życiem i innymi przewidywaniami


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