Advances of the tides in the coastal areas and predictions of the world

Advances of the tides in the coastal areas and  predictions  of the world
Águas de Lindoia, December 10, 2017
Summary extracted from contents of letters sent by Jucelino Luz (from 1975 to 2017)
“A true friend of the people and nature …”

Since 1975 Jucelino Luz, today one of the most important spiritualist and environmentalist, has been warning about the advances of the tide and its future problems, has been in various parts of the world, explaining this phenomenon of human and natural cause. And in recent years have occurred in Beaches of various locations on the planet, a radical change, which is harming projects, and the lives of the people who live there, in many cases even a real estate devaluation, because the large tides associated with the winds and waves of winter and summer cause great destruction. The first consequence is the suppression of much of the sand on the beach for a few days, shortening the distance to the sea and forming a hole near the retaining walls. Then nature returns the sand to the same place. Protected by the wall, the structures of the buildings of the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, which are in the areas of the beaches and house part of the constructions that currently resist, suffer with these constant modifications. In some regions the colonies of fishermen , they did not have the same luck, they did not have the same fish, they lost in fishing, etc. . The sea has been removing the sand beneath the houses, thus running risks such as: – knocking down the balcony and leaving it partially suspended in the air, making it impossible to use several built-up sites – in which case many can no longer sell or even spend a weekend in fear of the sea occupy their homes or the destruction of local commerce. Lack of warning was not, until a certain time, always ignored by administrators and authorities – who instead of guiding the local population, associated with handpicked people, to manipulate and say that the information was alarming, “there was no Global Warming “, of the serious information that was released by Jucelino Luz. . Today, in some places, such critics try to recover the structure, from many places, therefore, it can collapse at any moment. See how far we have come, a great absurdity!
One of the concerns of Jucelino Luz is that the force of water can bury houses, destroy streets, drag and destroy vehicles, and worst of all to victimize innocent people around the planet.

“Nature strikes silently and many will feel their strength …”
Today, on the coast and oceanic island of the states of Bahia, Sergipe, Pernambuco (Fernando de Noronha), Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, that the force of the sea has been tearing down and destroying areas, that is, many times, their home. The waves were so strong, so violent, that they shuddered the ground. ”
The houses as a result of the advancement of the sea in the municipality of Baia da Traição, Litoral Norte da Paraíba, Bahia, Rio Grande do Sul, North Coast and South Paulista, and many other places in the world. The phenomenon has been changing the geography and habits in the small town, land of Indians of the Potiguaras and one of the main tourist destinations of the State and of the country.
Even Miami, Florida, New York will suffer serious consequences in the near future, leading to incalculable damage – people in the US are not prepared for such destruction.

Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, China, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Portugal and many other countries will feel this difference which will force people to move away from the coastal areas in the near future.
“Dai the worst of this story, we will have migrations and, mass …”

To those who said it was too good. The beach was normal, had sand, we fished, walked, amused, but over the years the sea is advancing violently Whenever the tide is high, there will arise the threat of the sea’s advance – I am not pessimistic, but things will get worse with each passing day due to human action.
But the worry will not stop there. Whenever the tide is high, the noise of the waves will make the residents remember that the situation is not resolved. Even so, we know that many will not want to leave or leave the street where they live. Unfortunately, however, many will be forcibly expelled when they lose everything.

Several municipalities are building a retaining wall to contain breakthrough, it helps a bit, but it is palliative.
With the fear many city governments will decree an emergency situation
And they will build spikes – barbs in the extension of the sea to minimize the force of the waves -, and that the emergency situation will be recognized before the reality.

Unfortunately the city hall will not have financial conditions, will not have enough revenues to afford the costs of such projects that are expensive and will be impossible to assume
According to Jucelino Luz, the situation will get worse in the coming years
The destruction caused by the advancement of the sea does not only happen in Brazil. The phenomenon will be repeated in several countries. the emergency situation is solid, we need to find ways to stop polluting, destroy our planet or we will all be destroyed
Jucelino Luz, also many years ago, said that the bacteria would appear Vibrio vulnificus is a species of gram-negative bacteria that lives in marine environments. It is related to Vibrio cholerae (cholera) and its infection causes cellulitis and septicemia that would reach Japan, Uruguay, I speak about Swine Flu, Avian Influenza (H5N1, H1N1, H1N2, H3N2 and H3N1, H6N1) Yellow Fever, Hemorrhagic Dengue, Zica Virus, Chikungunya – unfortunately, many will doubt, and see what is happening in Brazil and in the World.
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Mário Ronco Filho – journalist


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