Predictions for February 2018

Predictions for February 2018

(Predictions are not predestination)


1 – In Venezuela pressures Politics with disappearances and confusions, hunger, a great heat wave with big fires, lack of water, blackouts and strong rains with strong winds in some regions;
2. A strong earthquake of 7.0 may reach Indonesia and may cause damage and loss of life;
3. In the US and Canada they face problems with heavy rains, floods, and lots of snow in some areas; and a gun attack can victimize more than 10 people in the US;
4. – Dengue Mosquito, Zica, yellow fever, and the heat associated with heavy rains reach Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia causing several droughts, and in other localities landslides, vendias, floods in several localities;
5. – Nevasca reaches Germany, Austria, Switzerland,. Russia, Poland, England, Romania, USA, and several locations are facing serious problems;
6. – Train crash in India, which can victimize more than 16 people;
7. – Fire in Thailand can victimize many people near Capital;
8. – Floods in Malaysia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Indonesia make many victims and landslides cause burials in some regions;
9. – Earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter Scale hits Panama – scaring residents of the capital;
10. – floods cause damage in Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Singapore in other regions, the blizzard, causes shutdown at airports and difficulties. And several accidents.
11. – In Siberia and Himalayas, blizzards terrorize the people and many fatal accidents can happen. And avalanches can bury some regions And possibility of plane crash;
12. – Biticoin, disappearance of values ​​in Japan may have connection with criminals (Hackers contracted) and will happen new disappearances the electronic money may cause many future damages to customers; will rise sharply and then suffer one of the largest falls in the next few years;

13. – In Brazil, and Paraguay brings increase of yellow fever and Dengue, Zika Virus;
14. – Storm in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo Brazil), and in some other regions of Minas Gerais, causing fatalities and landslides;
15. – Major Public Demonstrations against Russian Politicians and will ask for removal of famous Politician – on the other hand Vladimir Putin remains the favorite in Russian Politics;
16. – In the Philippines an attack on buses makes 16 innocent victims;
17. In Germany, an attack could victimize more than 20 people;
18. – Attack the bomb in Turkey, makes 87 victims in a city near the Capital;
19. – In Afghanistan, conflicts and attacks, can victimize more than 40 people and generate insurrection in the population;
20. – In Japan, he continues with great concern due to the great snowfall that affects the country, causing fatalities and fatal accidents;
21. – In Guatemala strong winds, heavy rains cause destruction, on the other hand, Manifestations reach the country;
22. – Accidents in Peru between buses and a truck can make more than 18 fatal victims.
23. – In Liberia, a terrorist attack kills more than 50 innocent people – in Africa;
24. – Bomb in a Supermarket in St. Petersburg – Russia, can kill more than 20 people;
25. – Terrorist attack in Israel, makes more than 6 deaths in the country;
26. – Strong earthquake can hit China and may cause victims (the sign a possible small plane crash with victims);
27. – Great Manifestations in Argentina, marks dissatisfaction with tariff increases, corruption scandals and problems in the local economy;
28. – Terrorist attack in England could victimize more than 15 people near capital;
29. – Attack on Victims in Mexico can cause panic in residents and conflicts increase between gangs;
30. – Strong earthquake hits Japan – and pollution index raises concern of rulers issued by reactors in the Sea of ​​Japan;

31. – Three priests are mysteriously killed in Italy and rains cause damage, floods and landslides;
32. – Attack in France, makes many victims, causing fear in the population and tourists;
33. – The Philippines Volcano causes an eruption, in other localities the heavy rains and floods in some regions .;
34. – Heavy rains strong winds hit Malaysia, India, Taiwan, and can make victims;
35. In Spain and Portugal, heavy rains, floods hit some localities; 36. In Egypt, a terrorist attack makes many victims in the country;
37. – In South Africa, problems with violence, and possibility of some crimes in the Capital; disappearances and heavy rains in the country can cause floods
38. – Terrorist attack in Russia can make many victims, death in the country; 39. – Heavy rains hit Hungary, Croatia, Czechoslovakia with floods and may make victims in some cities;
40. – In Denmark, Norway and Sweden some regions with heavy rains and landslides on the road.
41. – Heavy rains in Sydney New South Wales, Australia, can cause floods and beyond the deaths, great damages to the country .;
42. – Rain and high winds in Wellington, New Zealand; great flood problems and will be a month of heavy rain in almost every country;
43. – In Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine, and can victimize innocent people and landslides and problems in mines;
44. In China, in some regions, Drought and severe droughts affect some regions, on the other hand, and may cause great problems. due to the great atmospheric pollution;
45. – Heavy rains and floods hit Laos, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and many people may be killed;
46. ​​- Storms, gales, with rains in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam cause damage to plantations and serious problems to the country; and possible plane crash;
47. – 7.0 earthquake on the Richter scale hits Taiwan

48. – Earthquake in Chile can victimize innocent people; and in some regions heavy rains cause damage;
49. – Blizzard in Budapest – Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, clash between vehicles and possible victims;
50. – Fortress Blizzard that hits Poland, can cause a very serious train accident. In some regions, heavy rains cause damage and possible casualties;
51 – In Hong Kong, the crisis is boosted by constant increases in real estate, which could cause an unprecedented economic crisis in the coming months;
52 – In Holland heavy rains with strong winds can cause havoc;
53. In Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, heavy rains can cause landslides, floods and possible vehicle accidents;
54 – In Hawaii, the volcano shows signs of difficulties and may have new eruptions; and heavy rains will cause destruction on the island;
55 – Problems with volcanoes in Iceland and in areas of Greenland possibly heavy rains, causing floods and problems;
56 – In Bogotá, Colombia heavy rains and a building attack can victimize many people;
57 – Heavy rains can cause damage in Canada with danger, risk of landslides and other flood hazards …;
58 – Heavy rains in Macao, Hong Kong, causing floods and destruction;
59 – Mauricio Macri – President of Argentina continues to run a lot of risk and has to take great care of himself; of the previous Policy, we will have more corruption scandals involving politicians from there
60. In Jamaica lots of rain flooding and destruction;
61. Strangely, the largest polluters, and involved in deforestation in Acre, Amazonas, Roraima, Amapá, Pará are the largest donors of resources to Politicians – donation is not prohibited, more strange the connection between the parties, from which many deforestations have been liberated , without any control in Brazil – that is, environmental pollution and destruction and deforestation are crimes! ;
62. New scandal is about to arise involving a company of the great television media with Sérgio Cabral, from 2006 to 2015 inclusive, who received several illicit advantages to favor the then Governor at the time, and did bombastic matters in his favor, including involving , a resignation scheme on April 3, 2014, in this written resignation to try to minimize their crimes and favor people involved in this grand scheme of corruption in Rio de Janeiro. And it ended up damaging all the population there. And this Issuer received in return various types of favors, involving corruption, privileged information, evasion and many other advantages.

63. Much rain in Goiás and Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil) can cause landslides, floods in some regions

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