Predictions ( Forecast) for February / 2016

Predictions ( Forecast)   for February / 2016


* Dreams are not predestination ”

1 – 7.0 Earthquake in Papua New Guinea – Oceania

2 – Earthquake in Northern Coast Morocco of 7.0 on the Richter scale;

3 – Heavy rains and floods hit the central part of São Paulo, Santa Catarina; Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul – Northeast floods and heat affect some regions; and Minas Gerais -many regions may be affected (Brazil);

4 – 6.0  quake  hits  Japan causing some problems;

Denver Coliseum (1)

5. Dengue and its specifications are spread in Brazil, South America, Central America, North America, Europe and Asia; however, possibly be also found evidence of diversion, corruption in Brazil, related to unlawful favoritism, embezzlement in some sectors; supervision, procurement and money laundering;

6. – Earthquake of 6.0 back to reach Alaska, may cause panic;


7 – Floods reach Rio Branco – Acre and Manaus – Amazonas – many may become homeless;

8. Argentina, the heat can  lead to blackouts, water shortages and problems with rate increases, discovery of more scandals bids favors from previous governments;

9 – automotive company possibly lay off thousands of workers in the Greater ABC Paulista; and other regions in Brazil and in some areas of the world;

10 – Health of a  famous person is shaken (JD) is gotten  by cancer issues, which should take care even more so, it  is possible  if it happens that disembodiment, then  it can lead a city to the “chaos” until the end of 2016- Brazil

11. – In the south of the Fuji Islands one 7.0 earthquake on the Richter scale

12 – An earthquake  of 6.0 on the Richter scale could reach the Gulf of California – USA,


13. Possibility of Attack in Madrid – Spain will victimize many people;

14 – Attack in Afghanistan kills more than 50 people and can injure dozens of innocent people;

15 – Protests in Venezuela and an attempt on the life of famous journalist can generate outrage and protests in the country;

16 – New conflicts in Israel kills 8 people and can injure tens;

17 – Earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale hit – New Zealand;

18 – Floods hit several villages in Bahia, Espirito Santo, Pernambuco and Acre, (the slopes of falls and homeless);

19 – There are already many cases of Hemorrhagic Dengue Virus and Zica Chicunguya in Minas Gerais and Ceará- in Brazil, and often spreading elsewhere; the lack of prevention and educational guidance is one of the main factors contributing to lifting cases in the country;

20 – In Paraguay, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, the Ministry of Health declares state of attention because there are already hundreds of infected with dengue virus and Zica Chicunguya;

21 – Earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale hits Lac Kiuu – Democratic Republic of Congo, and the risk increases of a strong volcanic eruption in the country;

22 – Big floods hit Canada; destruction and gales problems in the country;

23 – There are new shocks in the economic crisis in Portugal, Spain and Italy are requested emergency meetings,

24 – Floods and heavy rains hit Indonesia and Malaysia may cause landslides slopes and homeless;

25 – Japanese economy is in crisis, needing to warm up the market, aggressive leaving negative interest rates, may cause also a shock in the stock markets, banking risks and enabling attention in Asia – domino effect – creating drop in stock exchanges.;

26. China continues to give signs, growth of an unprecedented crisis that could lead the Asian crisis in 2022;

27. South Korea, remains on alert due to economic problems and serious unemployment, at the same time, the serious problem between North and South Korea: South and North – which still producing weapons and testing for possible future confrontation;


28. Heat in Thailand with floods and winds, rains can take the tranquility of the people there.;

29. In the Philippines a strong earthquake could cause many casualties in the country;

30. Sri Lanka, heat and rains cause floods and many victims in the country.


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