Hong Kong – There is a possibility of an earthquake of 7.0 in 2019.

Hong Kong , may undergo a strong earthquake in a few years …

says Jucelino Luz

The Hong Kong people have problems with a possible earthquake of 7.0 on the Richter scale on May 23, 2019 . Though , the place apparently had  not  strong earthquakes , Jucelino Luz  tells  that possibility is not ruled out. And  it  can bring great inconvenience to the people of Hong Kong , because the buildings are not prepared for an impact of this magnitude and some buildings  can  collapse. And  it can  impair communication services as well as terms that region  can have many victims of innocent people . Below a map that was sent to the Executive Secretary of Hong Kong on March 14, 2014 . Accordingly , geologists  they can make a further study of the area and measure the potential of this event to fruition . Moreover , they can somehow prepare the population there – if it were to happen because premonitory dreams are not predestination –even so, they  will be all prepared to defend and / or protect such future tragedy.

A similar situation occurred in 2006 , when an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude on the coast of Taiwan damaged telecommunications services in Hong Kong for seven weeks , mainly affecting long-distance calls and Internet connections , etc. .

Another case of earthquake had an intensity of  7 .0  , in Hong Kong , with the Central District , Hong Kong Island and Kowloon feeling the shock for about 30 seconds . This was the only earthquake since 1900 have caused damage in Hong Kong . Earthquakes in Taiwan are often felt in Guangdong province , with significant impacts , such as deaths and injuries ( 1994) .

There was also the year 1600, the Nanao earthquake also caused extensive damage across the province in the same way .

Enclosing  the response of the Executive Secretary of Hong Kong , Leung Chun Ying . We also hope that nothing happens there , however , it were to happen we be sure that people will be prepared can minimize the problems and technical area of ​​Civil Engineering can submit a project to protect the buildings and all the innocent people who live in these buildings, not only for this case being discussed here , but others that are yet to come in the near future.

May God protect everyone .!

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